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LHC :: Zera - Ruined Emperor by dancingontightrope
LHC :: Zera - Ruined Emperor
Emperor of Ruin no more.

This ended up looking like Jaibo! I forgot to tuck my hair behind the ear so yeahhhhh. :)) Aaaaand I forgot to spray blood all over my face. /cries

I was trying to mimic that full page photo of Zera from chapter 9, but it didn't fare that well. I remember almost drowning in this small tub; water kept going inside my nostrils when I started shooting, but not before I tested the waters (literally) before.

Anyway, I'll say this in advance now and though you may probably notice it, this one is sorta heavily shooped, especially the cheek area because i failed to angle myself correctly (with me nearly drowning and all..) Smoothened the pores too. It's also funny because the photo I took from my phone ended up so much better than with my cam!

Hoping to redo the scene too! Maybe this can be counted as a trial!


Zera || aruki
photo/post-process || aruki
LHC :: Zera
"To be killed with a toilet....
How ugly."


I made use of the prop I made (which is actually intended for Jaibo). It doesn't look much like an intestine, so I might make another one in time for a shoot (whenever that is, haha!)

It's been a while since I last made my own set-up and shot myself so pardon the really low quality photo and measly shoop. *A* Doing this somehow makes me think of the aspects on this cosplay I have to improve on, haha! And I should really invest on a trigger.


Zera || aruki
Photo, post-process || aruki
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Happy New Year!!!!!

I've been on hiatus for a looooong time, and I don't actually feel bad taking a slack from cosplay. Recently, I've been addicted to OSC's Enderverse, and had relentlessly--for almost a month now--pouring over Shadow Saga. Anyone into the fandom? I highly recommend reading the series! It's not just a good read; it makes you reflect on your views on life and death, living and surviving, happiness and sadness, morality of acts... almost everything! Try it out if you haven't! Might try cosplaying a chara from Ender's Game some time in the future. I dunno if I can channel Petra though, hah.

Haha pardon me if I spam lots of SnK/YumiKuri photos! I just LOVE their pairing! :heart: :heart:

Anyway! Thanks for viewing!! \o/



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